Welcome to MARYLOU’S DANCE STUDIO, we are proud to share many decades of excellence in dance education. Whether you are a new or returning student we welcome you to an exciting 2017-2018 season of dance. Marylou’s provides children an opportunity to explore the world of dance, experiment and learn technique and enrich their appreciation for the various forms of the art. Since Marylou’s is a family owned business, you will find us to have a fun and nurturing environment.

We treat all of our students as such. Each of our teachers have started dancing with Miss Marylou at a young age and have learned her technique and commitment to dance. We offer an academic year of dance from Sept.-June. We pride ourselves in our dance recitals at the end of the year. We work hard to create a show that will entertain all ages. We believe that hard work combined with fun creates a wonderful experience from start to finish for everyone involved. Giving a child performance opportunities will help with their self esteem and confidence.

We have expanded!!! We are now bigger & better with more Dance room. We are now offering Acrobatics, Mommy & me, Creative Movement.
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Our staff members have a tremendous love of their art, which offers the finest in dance education, and provides each student in a challenging, creative and highly supportive atmosphere. Each member of our staff has been selected by Miss Marylou. Each instructor has proven themselves to be a quality dance educator. Our senior teachers have masters and bachelor degrees in education. They continue to enhance their dance education with master classes and workshops in Manhattan to benefit each student with new and creative technique and choreography. Our teachers truly care about your child’s progress, happiness and well being in class.


Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

JAZZ (ages 5 & up) Jazz dancing is energetic and fun. Consisting of moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Emphasis on classical jazz technique incorporated with popular dance moves.
BALLET (ages 6 & up) The most classical form of dance, teaching poise, grace and balance. Ballet techniques taught at the barre, across the floor and center floor.
HIP HOP (ages 5 & up) Millenmium street dancing, focusing on the popular youth culture style of dance that provides a funkier edge, as seen in today’s music videos. Allowing a student to express their own style of dance.
CONTEMPORARY MODERN (ages 12 & up) Free movement of dance, a dance style that focuses on the expression of inner feelings with a powerful elegance in motion using one’s body.
POINTE For advanced students only with ballet experience, and solely on the recommendation of the teacher.
PRE-SCHOOL (ages 3 & 4) Introduces techniques in a fun and nurturing environment. Basic tap combined with song and dance, creative movement and musicality.
PRE-BALLET (ages 4 & 5) Introduces basic ballet technique, gives introduction to the various positions and creative movement.
ACROBATICS (ages 6 & up) Performance of extraordinary feats and balance, agility & motor coordination. A smooth transition between dance & acro increments which requires use of strength & flexibility to achieve tricks, flips, hand springs and areal. Basic floor movements of gymnastics which is a building block to achieve more advanced acro elements.
MOMMY & ME (ages 18 months – 24 months) Dance class enables you  to join your little dancer as they take their first steps in dance. Contains basic movements though song & dance. Students will develop rythm & listening skills & enhance motor skills in a fun & social setting.
CREATIVE MOVEMENT (age 2-3) Early introduction of structure of young dance will learn basic pre tap, ballet & acro technique as the develop natural creativity.
Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Studio will be closed the following days

Halloween October 31 Studio Closed

Thanksgiving Recess  November 23rd through November 25th

Winter Recess: December 23rd through January 1st

Midwinter Recess: February 19th through February 24th

Spring Recess: March 30th through April 7th

Memorial Day Weekend: May 26th through May 28th

*Please call the studio during inclement weather (718) 352-9332*